Why Us?

    Since 1991, we’ve understood that what we do isn’t a job, it’s our calling. We’d be honored to help you call Pawleys Island home.

    Deeply Rooted

    Anyone who has delved into the history of Pawleys Island, South Carolina surely has happened upon the name “Lachicotte” (pronounced “LASH-cot”). The French family made their home here over five generations ago.

    The late Charles F. Cooper was an accomplished business man, a dynamic community leader and a consummate family man.  With interests in pharmacies, home healthcare and nursing homes, he founded the pharmacy at Georgetown Memorial Hospital, was the founding member of the Georgetown Memorial Hospital Foundation and launched many noteworthy healthcare businesses under the Winyah Company name.

    Charles and Arthur “Doc” Lachicotte were lifelong colleagues and champions of the Lowcountry and the state of South Carolina. In 2012, the younger generation of the two families joined forces under the established Lachicotte Company name brand. Both families continue to be  vital parts of growing and developing this place they call home.

    Experience and Knowledge

    We are exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable. Our 80 some years of doing business and raising families in this area counts. We work diligently to make sure that you have the information and resources you need at your fingertips to deliver homes, lifestyles and values that exceed your dreams. Connect with our people.


    We are inspired by our sheer love of The Lowcountry and we have a passion to share it with you!

    Our brokers are passionate about Pawleys Island real estate and know this area inside and out. We also have an expansive network of real estate listings, foreclosures and resources, so that we can provide you with the most up-to-date information and opportunities.


    It doesn’t take long to separate people you connect with from people you don’t. Those you connect with have a certain air, a genuine quality, a way of listening to you, a likeability. Those you don’t– don’t. The Lachicotte Company starts with the kind of people you connect with. Our roots are 100% South Carolina coast. We love what we do. We care about what you want.

    Christie’s International Real Estate

    We’ve been hand selected by Christie’s International Real Estate — a renowned brand specialized in marketing fine properties to discerning local and global buyers.

    Leverage Global Partners

    Inspired by a steadfast determination to elevate the field of play, Leverage Global Partners empowers an international network of prestigious independent real estate companies through shared intelligence, agile marketing strategies, and entrepreneurial connectivity. The Lachicotte Company was carefully selected as demonstrating innovative leadership and peerless integrity in the field of real estate in the area.


    Serving you is our cornerstone. We work hard to make it easy for you to do business with us. We go out of our way to make sure that at the end of the day, you go away happy and confident for making the right real estate decision.


    The Lachicotte Company exerts an aggressive marketing strategy with the goal of advertising your property through various outlets. Our in-house marketing team works alongside agents to give your listing maximum exposure.

    Our History

    The Legacy of the Lachicotte and Cooper Families. Committed to the Enrichment of Georgetown County and South Carolina.

    The Lachicotte surname is deeply rooted in Pawleys Island. It harks to the eighteenth century when rice cultivation was central to the family’s success. Arthur “Doc” Lachicotte established the famous Pawleys Island Hammock Company and the Hammock Shops in the 1930s. In 1991, he founded the eponymously named real estate venture, The Lachicotte Company.

    The strong local name continued to pave the way to two successful decades as a real estate/vacation rental company. Doc Lachicotte was also involved in launching dozens of thriving real estate communities and famed golf courses throughout the Grand Strand. His personal and professional contributions are extensive.

    The late Charles F. Cooper was also an accomplished business man and dynamic leader in the Lowcountry community. He founded the pharmacy at Georgetown Memorial Hospital and launched a number of noteworthy healthcare businesses. At his passing in 2001, more than 800 people were employed by Winyah entities statewide. Like Doc Lachicotte, Cooper was a champion for economic development and was active in organizations that helped protect and enrich the area’s celebrated quality of life.

    Charles and Doc became friends and colleagues focused on developing and championing the Georgetown County area – partnering on several projects.

    Iconic Lowcountry Families Join Forces in Business Again

    In 2012, The Lachicotte Company and Vintage Estates Realty joined forces under the established Lachicotte name brand – a name made stronger by the exclusive, globally respected affiliation of Christie’s International Real Estate. Headquartered in Pawleys Island, the new partnership remains dedicated to servicing Horry and Georgetown County real estate markets. More importantly, dedicated to the enduring legacies of the two families’ patriarchs, Charles F. Cooper and Arthur “Doc” Lachicotte.